Our mission

The mission of The Good Shepherd Home is to care in a Christian manner for those people who are chronically ill, sick or frail, aged or requiring special care in a homelike environment. The mission is based on the following values:

Excellence: In the provision of an optimum standard of resident based care and service.

Respect: For the person's rights and individuality. Respect is the attitude that recognises the unique dignity of every person: Resident, relative, visitor, staff member.

Advocacy: For all persons, to ensure their rights are not eroded or undermined.

Hospitality and Service: To ensure a welcoming openness to all that fosters a mutually beneficial service provision.


  • To pursue excellence in the provision of quality care and service for all residents
  • To comply with all standards and legal requirements in residential care and in the services required supporting such care
  • To foster the personal and professional development of all staff
  • To meet all requirements associated with accreditation
  • To ensure the facility complies at all times with relevant standards
  • To identify and meet the community's needs in the provision of quality care and service
  • To offer the pastoral care services necessary to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of The Good Shepherd Home community
  • To maintain a financially viable organisation