Our council, board and team

Our Management Team and The Good Shepherd’s Home Council, strive to deliver the best possible care and service though a clear management plan which addresses all aspects of the home. This includes spiritual, legal, financial, medical, building, nursing, human resource and environmental matters.

While an independent, locally operated charitable organisation, The Good Shepherd Home shares the values of the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland. 

The Home appoints a Governing Council of community leaders who bring a wide variety of skills and experience to the organisation. This Council provides governance and strategic direction to the management team to ensure the values and mission of the home are always upheld.

Current Council Members:
  • Dr Alison Cottrell (Chair)     
  • Mr Colin White
  • Rev Stephanie Patching
  • Dr Owen Stanley
  • Dr John Stokes
  • Ms Robin Laver
  • Mr Peter Sladden
  • Mr Pat Driscoll
  • Ms Tracey Holmes

Current Directors: 

  • Mr Philip Askin
  • Dr Alison Cottrell
  • Ms Debbie Rains
  • Mr Peter Honeycombe

Current Senior Management: 

  • Brian Matthews: Chief Executive Officer
  • Leonie O'Neill: Director of Care